You must be joking! Are you?!

Here is a selection of the most ridiculous answers given in the exams

Sorunun kendisi (Quem Quaeritis ve Enactment instructions) yarım sayfadan fazla yer kaplayan Drama Bütünleme sınavında alıntıları okuyup "USİNG DRUGS" başlıklı (ve gerçekten de uyuşturucu kullanımı üzerine) serbest essay yazan arkadaş.... keşke tek garipsediğim hala birçok kişinin ingilizcede büyük "i" harfi kullanıyor olması olsaydı.




Kasım ayında teslim ettikleri Survey Portfolio'larını 7 Şubat itibariyle hala almamış olan T.Ç  ve Ş.P; defterlerle 5. aydönümümüze az kaldı, sizi de aramızda görmekten mutluluk duyacağız




(on Neutral platform stage) could be hillside or seaside.


The people use the nature as a scene. They set up their stage anywhere in out. extra decor. Everything in the stage are natural.


....outdoor and it is huge.


...used not to give clue to audience and make them curious.


stage which actors show their bodies, it's not professional (so, amateur?)


(on Frons scaenae)

Place which some important people watch plays


(on Interludes)

it has not costumes or scene


(abbreviations for True/False questions) 

F (this should mean 'false')

N (?????)

Y (?????)


(on Hamlet)

It bears characteristics of Shakespeare's plays.


Shakespeare influences Greek and Roman ancient.


It is written in Roman period.


(Senecan because) he used "to be or not to be" in Hamlet


(not Senecan because) it is an Shakespearean play.


(on Roman plays)

....they are about Greek legends like Beowulf.


(on pageant wagon and pavilion)

Both of them have wheels and carry the main character.


(Amoretti is addressed to Spenser's....)



(Sidney wrote Defence of Poesy against)

Penelope Devereux, the agnostic courtesan


(on Novum Organum)

It was written by John.


(on Frame-tale collection)

It is totaly of all stories and whole stories is occuring frame such as Canterbury Tales


Decameron invented it.


(on Privateers)

a character in Canterbury Tales. She is beautiful but she is fake.


(on Everyman)

It is Anglo Saxon poetic verse


It is not a drama. It is a elegiac poem.





The English sonnet was longer than Italian sonnet.


Italian sonnet has a theme



Henry VIII. is the King of England and Martin Luther was in Germany, there was no relation.


Beowulf is a major work in prose in Elizabethean or Jacobean period.


There are 29 pilgrims, Geoffrey Chaucer and his friend Inn.


There are people from church, court, and common people. there is no class structure in Canterbury Tales.       :O


Genre: Sonnet poet


It is a patriarchal sonnet



8 meter in each stanza


There are 16 beats in poet.     :(





(on the significance of Quem Quaeritis)

In the dark Ages many arts cannot be played because church depress them. with Quem Quoeritis church cannot suppress them. so again drama is given important.



Thanks to Quem Quaeritis drama had processing about rebirth. For example there were some problem about religion between chiristianity and islamic. Quem Querities found a solution for it.


(identifying The Seafarer

Genre is a man (beowulf) who worrior


it is a poem


William Thomas Malory wrote it


title: everyman


(on a ballad whose 2nd and 3rd lines end in "lyin" and "by" respectively)

second and third lines have rhyme



(on Piers Plowman)

it's a sophisticated person in medieval period



(on head-rhyme)

it's at the end of the stanza



(on alliteration)

repeating same vowel sound (easy come easy go)



(on Celts, who were organised into clans)

freeman, clans, slaves,earls were chosen by a king. nobody organised them.moreover, this class distinction is not celt of time, is anglo-saxon


they were organised into druids

(on Danelaw)

their terroy


danish law, according to it the lower class had to give their budget to king


procedure which Danish people followed



(on the name of an Anglo-saxon era poeT)

23/35 students said Beowulf

6/35 said Bedewulf

2/35 said Werewulf

2 /35 said Teenwulf

only 2 correct answers, Cynewulf


(on the ballad Sir Patrick Spens)

in Romantic period


title and author: Sir Patrick Spens



(on Jocasta's method of suicide)

Giving herself to a sixteen-foot phallos



this is the 17th 18th century



(on Dithyramb)

after that people quit orgies


(comparing Greek old and new comedy)

old is never old...never the same though....its depend on.....


old comedy creatures inspried by new comedy


(on how Oedipus blinds himself)

with his fingers (1 student)


with phallos (1 student)


(on Aristotle and sources of tragedy and comedy)


(on the plot structure of Oed.Rex)

Oedipus complex is a tragedy


he losing his throne at least. when the fate reversal, he didn't believe it, but fate didn't forget him, and played his life. In Oedipus, peripeteia appeared. Thanks to reversal.....


Like Oedipus, he is blinded and beg for to Creon to exile the city