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2019-20 FALL

Looking at Philosophy I

Drama I










2018-19 FALL


Drama I Midterm exam

Modernist Novel Midterm exam 






2016-17 Fall


Please remember that I will NEVER EVER negotiate with you on your exam results.  I do all I can, generosity or favour whatever it is called, during my classes by way of teaching, NOT while marking your exams! Therefore, you will not receive a reply to your "bargain" e-mails or verbal requests, which I personally find annoying and impudent. Those who write on their exam paper the score they need or want and/or those who write there their midterm score; get "n" in the exam and need "n+1", you will not get it!


Feel free to fill in a form (which you can download at the faculty website: Öğrenci –> Matbu belgeler) to claim for a revaluation of your exam if you really expect a higher score.




2012/2013 Güz Yarıyılı itibariyle öğrencilere başarısız oldukları dersler için (FF/FD, K, N, E harf notlu dersler) ve DD/DC harf notu aldıkları tüm dersler için bütünleme sınav hakkı verilecektir.
 5. Her koşulda öğrencilerin bütünleme sınavına girmemesi durumunda final sınavı sonunda almış oldukları harf notları geçerli olacaktır. Bütünleme sınavına giren öğrenciler için bütünleme sınavından aldıkları harf notları nihai notları olacaktır.







We'll be answering the midterm exam questions this week during the make-up classes.


I will not be giving you personal feedback on your exam performance partly because of time constraints and partly because there is nothing to talk about once the exam questions have been answered in class.

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