​Please remember that I will NEVER EVER negotiate with you on your exam results.  I do all I can, generosity or favour whatever it is called, during my classes by way of teaching, NOT while marking your exams! Therefore, you will not receive a reply to your "bargain" e-mails or verbal requests, which I personally find annoying and impudent. Those who write on their exam paper the score they need or want and/or those who write there their midterm score; get "n" in the exam and need "n+1", you will not get it!




You are not allowed to see your exam papers at KOÜ. However, THE WEEK FOLLOWING THE MIDTERM EXAMS an hour or  so will be allocated to answer the exam questions in-class. Attendance, therefore, is highly recommended.



2012-2013 FALL TERM

ELL 101 ​Rhetorics I 

Sophomore Students:​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • If you receive a DC/DD, whether you will sit the make-up exam depends on your GPA, which is, as far as I am concerned, supposed to be over 2.00 to be successful. If you receive a DC/DD and decide to sit the make-up exam please remember that the final result is to be replaced with the make-up result, no matter which one is higher.
  • What does a "sentence outline" look like? See the sample below:

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